Mt. Fuji trail has been closed for this year.

Mt. Fuji trail has been closed for this year.
You can still go to Mt. Fuji 5th station by highway bus until the end of October.
After October, Kawaguchiko is the best place to see Mt. Fuji.

Besides that, there are other way to enjoy climbing Mt. Fuji.
Have you ever thought of climbing Mt. Fuji from the very origin of Yoshidaguchi trail heading to mt. Fuji 5th station instead of heading to the summit?
This trecking route has lots of green to enjoy compred to the trail to the summit. 
If you want to enjoy climbing Mt. Fuji at this season of the year, this trecking trail is highly recommned. 
Please breath in beautiful air and feel the energy of Mt. Fuji. 
If you are climbing from this origin point of Mt. Fuji, please get off at Fujisan station and walk to Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine. 
The entrance of the trail is located at the shrine.