Hi! I'm planning a trip to the shibazakura festival on this April 29 by taking the chuo express b...

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Hi! I'm planning a trip to the shibazakura festival on this April 29 by taking the chuo express bus to the festival (depart at 07:35 and arrive at 10:00) After visiting the festival, I 'm going to Gotemba for shopping on the same day. Therefore my questions are as follows;
1. Are there any buses ride directly from the festival to gotemba? If so, how much does the ticket cost and where can I buy the ticket or do I need to book it in advance?
2. If there is no bus go directly to Gotemba, I would need to take shibazakura liner back to kawaguchiko station. Thus, What line of bus do I need to take to get me to gotemba? And how long would the trip take? Please tell me the price of the ticket from kawaguchiko to gotemba.
3. When I arrive gotemba, do I need to buy the ticket back to shinjuku at once at the information spot. I am afraid that the seats would all fulled, if so; are there any other ways to get back to shinjuku station?
4. This trip (both shibazakura and gotemba) would it be too much rush to go both places on the same day? I'm worried that I wouldn't be able to make it, but I only have 2 days in Tokyo.
Thank you very much.

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Hello Maii,
1. Unfortunately there are no buses riding directly from Shibazakura to Gotemba.

2. I think the best option for you is to take a bus from Kawaguchiko Station to the Gotemba Premium Outlets. The bus takes approximately 1h 35 min and the prices are:
Adult one way: ¥1,510 (Children ¥760)
Here you can find more information about the bus: http://www.premiumoutlets.co.jp/en/gotemba/access/bus/detail18.html

3. You can take a bus straight from Gotemba Premium Outlets back to Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. You can buy a ticket and make a seat reservation either at a ticket counter or online at this site: https://www.kousokubus.net/JpnBus/en
See this site for more information about the bus: http://www.premiumoutlets.co.jp/en/gotemba/access/bus/detail1.html

4. The trip is doable but Kawaguchiko and the area around mount Fuji is very beautiful and is best enjoyed slowly. With that in mind I would consider staying a night in either Kawaguchiko or Gotemba.

I hope this can help and have a nice trip!