Hello, I have a couple of questions: For the Q Pack, is the Fuji Q Highland pass a free pas...

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I have a couple of questions:

For the Q Pack, is the Fuji Q Highland pass a free pass?Meaning that I would be able to take unlimited rides in the theme park?
What's the cost of rides inside the theme park if I only buy the entrance pass? Is it per ride?
Would the Q Pack definitely be available when I reserve the Fuji Q express bus tickets? The instructions from the website were to tell the clerk that we wanted to use the Q Pack offer, which I find very uncertain.
For the reservation, can I use my own phone number from Singapore?

Thanks a lot! Awaiting your reply.

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Hi. there,

In addition to the Official's comment, I have some notes to tell.

There are some attractions that you need some coins.
And also, Super ScaryLabyrinth of Fear is not applicable, cost you 500yen/per person.
If you want to try skating, you will need the skating boots to rent and will cost you 1,000yen.
Also, if there's a special events that will cost you depends on it.

There's Thomas land in the same property and you can get in/ unlimited rides with the pass you hold except the attractions need coins.

Hope this can be your help!
Keep warm, it's freezing cold out there!

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Hi there,

The Q Pack ticket includes a round trip ticket from Shinjuku to Fuji Q Highland and an one day free pass of the Fuji Q Highland. With that ticket, you get unlimited rides, so you do not need to pay for each attractions.
Please book a ticket from Shinjuku to Fujikyu Highland from the following link and change it to the Q-pack ticket when you pay for the ticket at the ticket counter in Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal. Please just tell the clerk that you want a Q-Pack ticket, instead of a normal round trip.


I hope this is clear to you.

Have a nice trip in Japan!

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