Hi, For booking on http://highway-buses.jp, I need to cancel my bus bookings as we are changin...

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For booking on http://highway-buses.jp, I need to cancel my bus bookings as we are changing the bus timings we are taking the bus back (round trip, and we want to change the timing of the return bus), and then rebook the tickets.

I know we can cancel through this form: http://highway-buses.jp/cancellation/ but I tried to book immediately after and could not get the same seats as we did before for the first half of the trip (we could get seats next to each other before, but now we are all in separated seats in the bus).

Is there any way I can know that my cancellation has been processed and that the seats I originally got are released again? The cancellation form only asks for the details and gave no indication if the cancellation is accepted/processed.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi, there

I checked the same page that you have shown of the cancellation.
It says ; cancel your current reservation first and make a new reservation, so that if you have your NEW booking for return correctly ( as you wish), it means you have changed your booking successfully.

And about the seats you concern..
Unfortunately it might because there are no available seats that you can take next each other.

If you are still not sure and you need to make it sure for the cancellation, I recommend you to call +81-3-5376-2222 (international)/ 03-5376-2222.
Or you can visit the office when you take the outward bus.
Also, it worth to ask and request them to arrange the seats will be next each other at the office or on the phone.

Enjoy your trip!

Hope this will be your help