Hi, we are interested to go to the Fuji Shibazakura Festival from Kawaguchiko Station during the ...

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Hi, we are interested to go to the Fuji Shibazakura Festival from Kawaguchiko Station during the Golden Week and after our Festival visit, we would like to go to the Narusawa Ice Cave 鳴沢氷穴 and Wind Cave 本栖風穴.

1. Does the Festival shuttle bus Shibazakura Liner (roundtrip 2000 yen including entrance fee) stopped at Ice Cave on the way back from Fuji Shibazakura Festival to Kawaguchiko Station?

2. If not, please advise us on how to go to Ice Cave by local bus? What bus number and what is the one trip bus fare between Ice Cave and Kawaguchiko Station?

3. What is the time schedule for the local bus from Ice Cave to Kawaguchiko Station?

4. Does the Fujigoko Enjoy ticket covers the trip to Fuji Shibazakura Festival in Lake Motosu?

5. Please also advise us on how to go to Sozo no Mori from Kawaguchiko Station by local bus? What bus number to take and what is the one trip bus fare?

6. May I know what is the time schedule for the highway bus from Shinjuku to Mt Fuji Subaru 5th Station on 3 May 2017? It cannot be found on this website.

7. Does the Fuji Cherry Trees that blooms during Golden Week be found in Shinjuku Gyoen during Golden Week?

Thanking u in advance for your help.

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Hi there,

Let me answer to your questions one by one.

1. No, they don't. It operates direct only.

2. Please check this website.
There are 2 options; by local bus, or by retro bus.
Take the bus bound for " Shinfuji-station" or "Motosuko" at NO.4 bus station of Kawaguchiko.
PLEASE NOTE; there are other buses stop at NO.4 bus stop bound for the other places.
There are no Bus NO. which tell you where to go, so in stead, please check the sign on the bus before you get in.
It has English announcement where to go.

Ice cave comes first, then the next stop is Wind cave.
The fare from Kawaguchiko to the Ice cave is 640 yen for adults, 320 yen for children.
From Ice cave to Wind cave is just one stop far so you can take a walk if you want.
Take the same bus and the fare is 150 yen for adults, 80 yen for children.


It will take about 30 mins from Kawaguchiko.

3. Please check this out!

4. According to the office, that ticket will allow you to take the local bus but the local route bus won't take you to the Shibazakura Festival site ( A new extra bus stop will be created during the festival).
Local bus can take you to Motosuko, but you will have to take another bus or taxi to get there.
If you choose to walk from the local bus stop, it will take more than 20 mins, he said...

5. Take the bus bound for "Fuji 5th station" and get off at Fuji Subaru Land.
Fare is 320 yen for adults, 160 yen for children.

6. The Subaru line has been closed because of the heavy snow during winter.
So you have to wait until March or so.. Then the new timetable for 2017 will be released!

7. Unfortunately, no..
Cherry blossoms will start to bloom from the end of March and be gone in a few week in Tokyo area.
If you go up more north area of Japan, like Kakunodate in Akita, you will be amazed by the gorgeous and marvelous Cherry blossoms in May.
Kakunodate area is very very veeeeeeery famous for the cherry blossoms and the city views as if you are in the Sengoku era of Japan.
You can enjoy the beautiful greens in Tokyo in May in stead.
Why don't you try "Jindai-Syokubutsu-Koen ( Jindai botanical park)" for the awesome thousands of roses and greens if you have any chance?
It takes about 30 mins from Shinjuku.

Hope this can be your help, and enjoy your trip!
Further questions are always welcome!