Hi, Where can I buy FujiQ Themepark Ticket and One way Bus ticket from FujiQTheme park to Shi...

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Where can I buy FujiQ Themepark Ticket and One way Bus ticket from FujiQTheme park to Shinjuku Station ?

Thank you in advance.


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You have 2 options to buy FujiQ pass.

1. At the park entrance, there's the ticket office.
They accept credit card and valid only the day you bought.

2. Via internet available.
-- Web discount price : https://www.fujiq.jp/sp/qr-wari.html
-- Ticket info : https://www.fujiq.jp/en/ticket/

Although it is available booking tickets via internet, there's no English page that inform how to proceed.
Please check this URL and
try here.

There are 2 ways to finish the payment.
1. Credit card
2. at Convenience stores shown in the page (Lawson, Familymart, Circle K Sunks)

Click "チケットの購入はコチラ>" on the bottom of the page to start booking.
Click and fill a checkbox on the very bottom of the page, and click " 次へ".
Then, click "フリーパス券".
Please input the required information on the next page.
"大人"= Adults
"中高生"=junior high to high school students ( age 12-18)
"小人"=children ( age 3-11)
"男性"= Male
"女性"= Female
Please fill up the all numbers you want to buy, then click "買い物かご( shopping cart)" the yellow button.
If you want to correct the numbers of the ticket, click "+" and "-".
If you want to delete the ticket, click "削除".
Then click "次へ" the yellow button.

This next page is the most difficult point to finish the booking..
It only accept Japanese character so that if you input the alphabets it won't be working.
So, if your name is, for example, "Steve", then you have to input like this "すてぃーぶ" or "スティーブ"
"お名前(全角)" = your name.
"電話番号" = phone no. ( 3 digits, 4 digits, 4 digits in order)
"お名前(全角フリガナ)" isn't necessary.
Then click "入場予定日( the date you want )"
"ご希望入場日"= the date you will go
Click "確認へ" to check your booking.
Check the checkbox in the middle of the page with "同意する" if your booking status is correct.
Then click "次へ" to proceed.

Next is where you choose how to pay and how to get your ticket.

If you want Convenient stores choose "コンビニでチケットを発券" with clicking the white square with this sentence.
If you want want to print out at your home, choose"支払い後、自宅のプリンターでチケットを印刷" under the "自宅のプリンタでチケットを印刷" with clicking the white square with that sentence.

If you choose the second option, you will need your e-mail address.
So please click "同意する" on the next page.

メールアドレス= e-mail address
メールアドレス(確認)= confirm your email address

Then click "送信".

You will get a email from "webinfo", it shows the URL for the payment.
Click on the credit card sigh and click "同意して次へ" on the very bottom of the next page.

Please fill up your credit card information under "クレジットカード番号" without hyphens.
セキュリティコード= is Security code no. shown on the back of your credit card.
Then click "お支払い" button to proceed the credit card payment.

Sorry for the inconvenience..

And about the bus on your way back.
Here's the timetable and fare.

You can book online from here.

Hope this can be your help, and don't hesitate for more questions.