Hi my name is ellis We are planning to have a nite stay in fujikawaguchiko onsen konansou, we...

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Hi my name is ellis

We are planning to have a nite stay in fujikawaguchiko onsen konansou, we r 6 adult and 1 kid (11yo), we want to experience onsen in that hotel, but since we r not comfortable to dip in naked, can we use swimsuits in reserve (private) bath? And can we smoke in dterrace/balcony?

I was trying to email the hotel directly ,but the email address is doesnt exist, if u hv an info about their email address would b appreciate ,thank u

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hi there,

in addition to those two answers before me, please check this website out before you take Onsen im Japan.
these are just a few standard etiquettes, and you would have to follow other extra rules depends on the place.
there will be the instructions to follow at almost every famous Onsen.

and, since Mt.Fuji is one of the world heritage, smoking is strictly prohibited in the public area including hotels and the public places.
if you don't see the "Smoking Ok" sign, then it will be non-smoking.

hope this can be your help, and enjoy the trip!

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Hi there,

In general, you are not allowed to get in a hot spring wearing a bathing suite even if it is a private bath.
If you are very uncomfortable to be naked for religious reasons or some other serious reasons, it might be better asking the staff at the hotel if it is OK or not.

Regarding smoking in a balcony, it is forbidden since all the rooms are non smoking. There is a space for smoking in the lobby. Please use the smoking area.

Konansou is supposed to be a very nice hotel. Hope you enjoy your trip in Japan!

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1. As your children is 11 years old, I think there would be an extra charge. I check on their website, children between 3-5 is free of charge.
2. In most of Japanese hotel, they are very strict with rules for taking Onsen. Actually the bath is separate( for women and for man).I am sorry to tell but I dont think they would allow your whole family taking Onsen together WITH swimsuits even in a private bath. It would be better to follow the tradition and rules because all Japanese are very strict with this.
3. I check on their website all their rooms are nonsmoking. So I think even you smoke in the balcony is not allow. But I think this hotel may have a smoking room or smoking area for the guests.