(Shinjuku - Kawaguchiko station - Mt Fuji) I planned to take bus from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko sta...

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(Shinjuku - Kawaguchiko station - Mt Fuji) I planned to take bus from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko station. So when can i book my reservation for my trip on 10 Nov? I tried to book now but was not able to book for my date 10Nov. From Kawaguchiko station to Mt Fuji, do i have to make reservation to reserve my seats? May i know the fare for round trip from Shinkuju to Kawaguchiko is it 3500yen; as for Kawaguchiko to Mt Fuji round trip is it 2100yen?

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Sorry I mentioned previous question about that it will be able in 2 months advance.
I made sure on the phone to the Bus company this time and fond out that they accept 1 month in advance.
Sorry again for the wrong information...


Hi there,

As for your concern about the booking, it accepts a month in advance.
So your booking will be available from 10 Oct.
The fare is 1,750 yen for each transportation, so that the total fare is 3,500 yen, right.

And your second question, the bus from Kawaguchiko to Fuji 5th station is operated by local bus.
So that you can't to book, just queue on the line at the bus stop at Kawaguchiko.
The fare is 2,100 yen for round trip, yes.

Please note, if it's snowing heavy on the day you will go to Fuji 5th station from Kawaguchiko, the route will be closed.
According to the record from last year, it wasn't closed yet and the bus were operated normally.
It always depends on the year and the weather.

Hope this can be your help and enjoy your trip!