Ho, my name is Luis and I've planned a trip in Japan for the end of March. After some days in Tok...

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Ho, my name is Luis and I've planned a trip in Japan for the end of March. After some days in Tokyo, my next stops should be Kawaguchiko and, after, Takayama.
I looked for the best way to reach Takayama from Kawaguchiko, and it looks to be a direct bus between the two places. I'd like to reserve the ticket before being in Kawaguchiko and... that's the difficult part!
I've found the following website (in english): http://bus-en.fujikyu.co.jp/highway/detail/id/38/ where there is only a phone number for telephone reservations but, after several attempts, it looks they don't speak in English!! looking at the Japanese version of the website (http://bus.fujikyu.co.jp/highway/detail/id/38) I noted there's a link for on line reservations (https://www.highwaybus.com/gp/index) but, being fully in Japanese... It's not so useful for me! Actually, there's and english section for the on line reservations but... it has only few routes and, unfortunately, not the one i was looking for. Maybe someone knows another website for an online reservations for the Kawaguchiko-Takayama bus line? also other type of suggestions are more than welcome!!
many thanks to all!

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Hi there,

You can reserve a bus from Kawaguchiko to Hida Takayama from the following link.


Enter Yamanashi(where Kawaguchiko is located) as origin and Gifu(where Hida Takayama is located) as destination and search for a bus.

The result will be returned as below if the following link is still active.

I hope this can be your help.

Have a nice trip in Japan!

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