I am from Singapore and I am planning a trip to Okinawa in mid December. 1). What would be the...

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I am from Singapore and I am planning a trip to Okinawa in mid December.

1). What would be the recommended city to make a transfer as I understand there is no direct flight from Singapore to Okinawa?
2). May I know which web site could I proceed in booking such a domestic flight (9 months from now)?
3). What are the major attractions in Okinawa for 3 year-old children?
4). How is the weather and temperature in Okinawa in December?


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Hi there,

Let me answer to your questions one by one.

1. I would recommend that you transfer at either Taipei or Hong Kong to go to Okinawa.

2. If I were you, I would take the Nok Air( https://www.nokair.com/ ) from Singapore to Taipei or Hong Kong and take Peach(https://book.flypeach.com/) from there to Okinawa.

3. One of the most popular attractions in Okinawa is Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.
I have been there with my 2 year old daughter and had a great time. It is really recommended.

Another destination would be Shurijo Castle Park
It has been registered as a World Heritage Site.
You can also take a picture wearing traditional dress of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

Your daughter might enjoy this as well.

4. As for the weather in December, it is not cold, but not warm enough to swim.

By the way, the following hotel was a very nice to place to stay. It is located relatively near Churaumi Aquarium.


Hope you have a nice trip In Japan!

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