Hi, i need advice... On 28th april 2017 i plan go to alpine route (start= Ogizawa , finished= to...

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Hi, i need advice...
On 28th april 2017 i plan go to alpine route (start= Ogizawa , finished= toyama)
after finished, I want to go to the kanazawa moment.
maybe I would finished and arrive at toyama around 18:00.
what transport is the most cost-effective?
if using the bus, how do I buy tickets? what the name of bus? where do i buy the ticket?
I only find nformation about nouhi bus, which are only 2 destination route from toyama =Route to Shirakawago and route to takayama.There is no information about the bus Toyama to kanazawa.
Can you please give me advice? and do I need a reservation online?

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Hi there,

You mean you want to take a transportation from Toyama around 18:00 to Kanazawa on the same day, am I right?

I couldn't find the English timetable of the local bus, but the local buses are operated between Toyama and kanazawa, approx 1 in 30 mins or a hour.
It leaves NO.2 bus stop at Toyama station, and on Friday, departs 18:00 and 19:00, 19:30.
It takes 65 mins, and the fare is 930 yen for adults, 470 yen for kids.
It's local bus so you can't book in advance.

If you take Shinkansen, it will cost you much more, but you can save your time also it comes much more than buses.
You can book in advance from below.
And also here is the information how to book to how to correct.

I think, you don't need to book Shinkansen in advance because not so many passengers will on board.
You don't need to worry that it will be no vacancy, so you can purchase your ticket at Toyama station after you arrived.

Hope this can be your help!