Hi I am Vivi I need some information, i will make a reservation = https://japanbusonline.com/De...

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Hi I am Vivi
I need some information, i will make a reservation =
https://japanbusonline.com/Detail/11900040002/1/4162019/4212032/20170429April 29
for trip April 29, 2017 (route = kanazawa- shirakawago-kanazawa).
Price each JPY 1540
in their website written = We will stop at “ Gokayama ” from April to November, however we are not going to stop there in winter.
it means I can stop in Gokayama.
My question=
1. (From kanazawa) my first stop in Gokayama, and then after I sightseeing in Gokayama, can i ride the bus again to Shirakawago? is it include the first ticket bus (kanazawa-shirakawago)?
or i have to pay again? i see in google the distance is 20km Shirakawago - Gokayama.
2. and for the return way
I am required to take a bus from Shirakawago towards kanazawa?I am required to return these to Shirakawago? Is it true?
3. what is the difference shirakawago and gokayama? i am bit confused.
4.how the best route for me?
5. Should I go to Gokayama? or directly to Shirakawago?

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my understanding is, there is two destinations at this line: Gokayama(1540JPY) and shirakawago(1850JPY). The bus will stop at Gokayama for the guests who go there,but it just a short break to let the guests get off. Its not enough for sightseeing.
You have to go straight to shirawago if you book a ticket to Shirawago. And once you get off the bus on Gokayama, you can not get on the bus again cause the bus will not wait for you.
It just my understanding. I think you can contact the bus company to get more information.
And also I found some information here:
these two website tell you How to travel between Kanazawa and Shirakawa-go.

And for the inbound trip to kanazawa, you can come back from both shirakawago and gokayama, it depends on which station you chose( different frice)

I suggest you go straight to Shirakawago. And then fine a suttle bus or train to gokayama. And back to kanazawa from gokayama station.

hope you have a good trip in Japan.


Hello Vivi,
1. With the normal ticket you cannot use the same ticket for the bus from Gokayama to Shirakawa-go as the one you are using to get to Gokayama. So you will have to pay for another ticket.
However If you want to visit Takayama as well there are tour tickets from Takayama to both Gokayama and Shirakawa-go available that may be beneficial for you:
Shirakawa-go and Gokayama(Ainokura) Sightseeing Bus https://japanbusonline.com/CourseDetail/index/12102010001
Shirakawa-go and Gokayama(Suganuma) Sightseeing Bus https://japanbusonline.com/CourseDetail/index/12102010002
See this link for more information:

2. You can take the bus back to Kanazawa from either Gokayama or Shirakawa-go. The bus will make a stop at Gokayama on the way back to Kanazawa from Shirakawa-go.

3. Gokayama is a less developed area and less crowded than Shirakawa-go, its villages are smaller, more intimate and with less intrusion from modern buildings. Gokayama is famous for the villages Suganuma and Ainokura.

4. The best route for you may be to first take the bus to Gokayama and then take another bus to Shirakawa-go and from there go all the way back to Kanazawa.

5. If you want a more intimate experience of these old villages with traditional gassho-zukuri farmhouses it may be good for you to visit Gokayama.

I hope this information can help and have a wonderful trip in Japan!