Hi. I will be travelling from shinjuku to kawaguchiko using bus and stay 1 night over there. I ha...

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Hi. I will be travelling from shinjuku to kawaguchiko using bus and stay 1 night over there. I have questions:
1) To store my luggage at shinjuku station overnight or to carry my luggage and store at kawaguchiko station for few hours, after that ask hotel owner to pick me up along with luggage. I have found that shinjuku coin locker provide storage around 300 to 500 yen depends on the size, but not sure if I can store overnight and whether the coin locker at kawaguchiko station and shinjuku station will be full since it is mid april (sakura season).
May I know which way is cheaper and more convenient?

2) I will spend 2 days at lake kawaguchiko on mid april. Can you recommend on the packages and the routes for sakura viewing and other visiting spots around? Is the packages of 2,360yen with the kachi kachi ropeway, sightseeing boat and 2 days retro bus worth and enough time for me to explore?


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hi Shanice,

1. You can store overnight and after 12 PM they will charge you two days price. But I suggest you carry the luggage with you cause you can put it in the bus. If you put it in Shijuku locker for two days, it will charge like around 1000JPY. Or you can take your daily living equipment with you and store the rest in a small size locker. And by the way, the locker always full, especially during April to June. But there are a lot of lockers in Shijuku, please check more places when you found one is full.

2. About the route.
I suggest you the first day after ur trip in kawaguchiko, you can go for a hotspring.
you can get some information from the above link about hot spring.
And since you just stay two days, here is a sample route for two days.I hope it would be helpful for you:
And this link also tell you something about famous spots in Kowaguchiko.
About the set ticket. It depend on your trip. If you plan to go a lot of places I think it worth. Here is a link about the 2 days retro bus. You can make a compare which set ticket is suitable for you.

3. I think two days trip would be a little rush but it is fine. And also if you plan to see Mt. Fuji, you d better check the weather first. Cause sometimes you may can not see the mt.fuji deal to the lunt.

Hope you have a wonderful trip in Japan.