Could I ask you some question about Toku Q pack? If I go to Fuji Q highland and then go to Kawag...

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Could I ask you some question about Toku Q pack?
If I go to Fuji Q highland and then go to Kawaguchiko in the following day.
1. Can I use this package in different day?
2. For returning bus, Can I return from Kawaguchiko station instead of Fuji q highland station?
3. If I can not take a bus from Kawaguchiko. So I have to go to Fuji q highland for catching a return bus.
Is there a walk way from Fuji q high land station at behind of the park to the bus station in front of the park?

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hi again,

I made a phone call and fond out that you can get on the bus at Kawaguchiko on your way back without any extra cost.

But you have some steps to do.

Please call +81-555-73-8181 and press 1 after the Japanese guidance started.
Then Japanese operator will get your call so ask them for an English speaker (they have few) .
Tell them your wish then they will make your booking as you want.

In this case, you can make your booking online first then make a phone, but you might be asked the details on the phone.
So I think make your all bookings on the phone would be the most easy way that will be finished in one time.

If you have further questions, always welcome!


Hi there,
I'll answer to your questions one by one.

1. Yes you can. But it has to be within 7 days.
2.I'm sorry I'm not sure about that at the moment, so please let me check tomorrow.
3.It's only one stop by train so please check the timetable of the train.
I think there are not so many trains will be operated as Tokyo.
And the bus terminal is 2 mins walk from the station, don't worry.

Hope this can be your help, and please wait for 2.