Hi I will be planning to go to Mt. Fuji with my family next March. Will stay a night in Tokyo...

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I will be planning to go to Mt. Fuji with my family next March. Will stay a night in Tokyo (Shinjuku area) when we arrive, then move on to Mt. Fuji the next day. We intend to purchase the 8000yen 3 Days Hakone Free Pass and will stay 1 night in Hakone and 1 night in Lake Kawaguchi. Will move on to Kanazawa using the Hokuriku Arch Pass upon check out of the hotel in Lake Kawaguchi.

1) Need your advise on the transport plan from Tokyo (Shinjuku) - Mt Fuji (Hakone) - Lake Kawaguch - Kanazawa, so that we could make full use of the passes.
2) We would like to explore Mt. Fuji once we reach there from Tokyo before checking into the hotel in Hakone. How do we do with our luggage? Do we go straight to hotel to store the luggage or keep in storage area?

Hope you could give us some info. and tips.

Thanks in advance.

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1) By buying the 3 Day Hakone Free Pass the tickets between Shinjuku and Hakone are included in the price. When you buy the Hokuriku Arch Pass travel between Tokyo and Kanazawa is included. So I believe the best option is to travel back to Tokyo from Hakone and then take the Hokuriku Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kanazawa.
About travel between Hakone and Kawaguchiko it is a bit complicated. One option is to go to Gotemba from Hakone and then take a bus from there to Kawaguchiko. But to get good value for your Hakone Free Pass you should travel back to Tokyo from the Hakone area, and not Kawaguchiko. Perhaps the Fuji Hakone Pass is more suited for your travel plan, see http://www.odakyu.jp/english/deels/freepass/fujihakone/ for more information. I will get back to you when I have a better answer to this question.

2) Hotels will usually keep your luggage for you for free until you check in. But if it is inconvienent for you to leave your luggage at the hotel, there are coin lockers at the Hakone-Yumoto Station where you can leave your luggage for a charge (300-600 yen). See map: http://www.hakonenavi.jp/english/traffic/station_map/

I hope this information can be of some help.
Best regards,