Hi!!!I am going to do a route through the Japanese Alps this summer and would like to buy the 3 s...

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Hi!!!I am going to do a route through the Japanese Alps this summer and would like to buy the 3 star Alps Pass but I have a big doubt,if you were so kind of helping me; I have to make an online reservation on the highway buses site,ok

From Tokyo to Kanazawa in my case,stopping at : Hirayu,Takayama,Shirakawago and Kanazawa but on the website I am only allowed to book in advance the Pass but not the seats.Then in Tokyo pick up the pass and right there at Keio office make the seats reservation.My doubt is: how I can know if there will be available seats if i cannot book online the seats for every single journey and I will stay in Tokyo three days before the day of Starting the Alps route. On the website it says: reservations only at the sales office or by phone,so,if every japanese person book a seat by phone I do not think there will be seats available only three days in advance,i do not know if you can understand me.If you were so kind of telling me anything you may know about this issue or how this pass reservation works...the route will start on 22 of July and I am arriving in Tokyo on 19 of July and will go to pick up the tickets on 20 of July. Thanks a lot and kind regards.

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Hi there,

If I am understanding your question correctly, you do not need to worry about not being able to secure your seats.
There should be seats available from Shinjuku Expresway Bus Terminal to Takayama. That bus does not get packed so quickly.
However, if you can visit the ticket office three days in advance, I would highly suggest that you go to the Central Honshu Information Plaza(the ticket office for 3 star Alps Pass) three days in advance to book your ticket from Shinjuku to Takayama and for Kanazawa just to be sure that you get your seats.

The Three Star Alps Pass Free ticket is a very good ticket to travel around that area.

I hope you enjoy your trip in Japan!

Have a nice day!

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